Thursday, May 31, 2007


In the same loving tone that made Shane Lewis have a dog on a stick on his latest post, I now share with you my love of the canine as well.

Leo was my favorite dog I've every had. Admittedly I have really ever only had 3 dogs but he was great. He annoyed my wife some with all the slobber, his large size, the whining, the snoring, his almost dying after having eaten rat poison in the garage and all the money spent to save him but he was great just the same. We named him after a waiter at this place we ate at a couple of times near Venice, Italy.

We only had Leo for two years because he was born with deformed hocks and eventually because of the weight he gained, due to his being a neo mastiff, had to be put to sleep. Leo loved to chew on my hand, Kristen's grad school books, and 2 litter bottles.

Sure he cost a lot, initial costs, food, vet fees, books, diet cokes, two of my fingers and three of my toes... but what you going to do, man's best friend ya know.

Leo, I salute you!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ugly Carrot

My design of an angry Carrot from my Redhead Mocumentary. This is really old and apparently I was trying to get the ugliest most contrasty carrot I could get.

Other Projects

Artwork by Seth Hippen, Shane Lewis, and Eric Boden.


I'm the one on the right with the beard and the guy on the left is my little brother Pete. I've been dragging him into my artistic endeavors for as long as I can remember. Although he always seemed to quit a little early his was always good about getting involved.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Other Projects with film and animation students

I thought I would add some photos or images from two of the short films I have been working on with film and animation students. One is currently called The Sheriff is a Chicken and was again written by Shane Lewis. The whole thing was shot on 35 mm and we are adding a CG Chicken, replacing the real guns with extra large CG guns, replacing the sky and adding set extensions. This project was initiated as a piece to combine live action and CG so that Rob Au could experiment and add to his reel. Rob is the VFX Sup on the film and is now currently working at Rhythm and Hues in LA. The film features the amazing acting talents of Stan Ellsworth and Bob Nelson.

The other film is a short that I am making to demonstrate what I would like to do on a feature I have written. The design of the mounted moose head was done by my former student Seth Hippen (Sony Animator) and the amazing crew are all BYU film students, the main character in the film is played by a personal friend named Andrew and the set is this amazing old school garage called Hyde's that the owner graciously allowed us to use.

All the photos from the film shoots were taken by my brother Peter Loosli (

More Elves Stuff

This is all the great work of Shane Lewis.

Our Elves Project

I have been killing myself shopping the Elves project Shane Lewis and I have created. Really hoping to pull together a low budget feature. We have had a lot of interest but no-one has ponied up the cash yet so we'll see where this goes.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Just a couple of pages of the boards for the film.