Saturday, May 21, 2011

Butchered Meats

Thanks to the comments of many great folks from the studios (specifically to Jana and her comments in dailies) and their visits during Winter Semester the students finally agreed and are putting the 2D animation sequences back into the film. In an attempt to make this happen we are having an animation marathon... which is ongoing even as I post this. I think we have about 30 students, most of which are not even in the major yet. Brandon, Megan, Peter, Aaron and Scott seem to have organized well and our new talent is cranking it out. Thanks goes out to everyone involved.


Looks like this summer may be the time I will finally get to finish the Snail film. Tyler Carter has gone back over my layouts and made them more authentic to the way Maurice Noble would have handled them. Hopefully we will get this entire opening panning shot painted before Tyler heads to Blue Sky.