Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Students should wise up

I am constantly shocked at how entitled and self centered some students seem to be. I know you are freaked out about getting into the major and then being able to make a living at it once you have graduated... but worrying and acting odd gets you no where but on the bad list.

Things to consider:

Don't come to see me every week to show me your sketchbook or your figure drawings. If you can't tell if you are making progress then you aren't quite getting it. Once is okay but after that... figure things out.

Don't assume everyone believes the exact same way you do, whether or not we are in the same religion makes no difference. That being said, I think we are all surprised to find out how we generally believe a lot of the same things.

Don't tell me it is my job to support your film. Making your own film is just an option in our program and in no way is a requirement of our faculty to support. We can support a film on many different levels and by our own choosing. Most of the levels of support need faculty buy off.

Don't ask recruiters how much you can expect to make in industry, especially in a group discussion. I know you are sincere but this is almost as dumb a question as asking me in Intro to Animation "How many frames will it take to animate the bouncing ball?" Different jobs make different amounts in a range. Those ranges vary from studio to studio and are based on your skills and the ability of the studio to get you to agree to the lowest amount possible without causing you too much heartache. Lots of other factors play into this as well. We have some general numbers on our website. Give it a read.

Don't ask recruiters questions in the group presentations that are super specific to you. This not only wastes their time but the time of the other students as well. If you need - ask after the presentation.

Don't try to play the faculty against each other as you might do with your parents. We talk quite often and have a laugh at your expense.

Don't assume that we as faculty are out to get you. We don't have time to target students. Certainly we get along better with some students than others... but all we are looking for are students who work hard, deliver good results and show a lot of promise. Working hard goes a long, long way.

Less talking- more working.

FYI - Many of the recruiters from the studios are our personal friends from when we were in the industry or through the success of the program. It is not our obligation to get you a job or set you up for interviews. We do this because we want to see you succeed as well as our wanting to help our friends and contacts- the recruiters. We are extremely frank with them about what we think about students. This openness protects the program, the faculty, and all the hard working students who came before you who helped to make the program what it is today.

Be careful about needing to be commanded or instructed in all things. Take ownership of your education. Make it your responsibility to learn or find learning. If we aren't touching on something you want to learn about talk to us or do your own search.

Students are generally pretty great and for that I feel really lucky. There are a lot of amazing opportunities out there if you focus and get to work.

Have faith. Work hard and work smart. Faith without works is dead... so get to work.