Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vis Dev Artwork Needed

Looking to Develop the story of the Arabian Horse. If you need a subject matter to sketch on or create artwork for here is an idea to run with. Need a noble Arabian man, the Arabian Horses, and designs for the terrain. If you are interested email me and I can get you the story. Love the idea of doing something in the middle east.

Long Overdue Update

So much time has passed that I will shotgun this:

We hired Cynthia Overman away from CalArts and Seth Holladay back from Pixar.

Students won 2 Student Emmys. Kite's took 1st, Pajama Gladiator took 2nd.

Grandma Scottie passed away. Great funeral. Amazing lady with one of the most interesting lives a person could live. Love you Grandma.

Students informed that Kites and Pajama have won Student Academy Awards. We go to LA next week to see what places they took.

Revising Curriculum for the Animation program. Man I hate this sort of thing.

Sold my house. Have to be out by the end of this week. Don't have a new house yet. Moving into an apartment for the time being. The kids don't really care though because we will have a pool over the summer. Looking to move to Draper.

Killing myself to get Lion and the Mouse- done - done. Thanks to Claire this is finally happening.

Sheriff is getting really close and looking extremely good. Thanks to former and current students along with Rob Allen, Brent Adams and John Reinhard.

I think I am finally done with The Movers script. Got great notes from my friends and fellow faculty members at BYU. Happily the writing was not to shocking. Tom Russell said one scene made him burst into laughter so that he spewed out his nose or mouth... can't remember... but it made me proud.

My kids are great and my wife is the best.